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Online resources

Academic Assessment

Personality Assessment

Career Guidance

NIOS board OBE /10th/12th

Remedial teaching

Occupational and Functionals training for students with Learning difficulties

Behaviour corrections and regulation

Vocational Training and career guidance

Physical training and Yoga class - a part of Life Skill program

Diwali lantern making and Diya decoration

Whizteens workshop , life skills training for students

By expert Home sci teacher and expert Chef Ms. Juee

Life skill class on nurturing, sowing, sapling plantations, knitting button stitching etc in Jan

Free Parenting (special Moms ) Training Program

Teachers sensitivity training held at MCCAI on Gurupoonima day


Treck to ARAI hills with 10th & 11th batch

Independence Day celebration

PTM of 10th std batch with Pranic Healing session and Handwriting expert from Nueral Space