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Development Center
An initiative for Open schooling through NIOS board(Central Govt) Book an appointment

Academic Services (English/Marathi)

- English and Marathi Online and Physical classes Coaching for OBE/10th/12th NIOS board
- Monthly Assessment of all subjects
- Preparation for TMA Practical’s and Lab visit
- Field visits for experiential learning
- Prelim and preparations for board exams
- Shadow teaching for students with Learning Difficulties
- Express classes for students just 2-3 months before board exams
- Chapter wise Question bank with answer keys/ ready notes for all subjects

Personality Development & Life Skills Classes

- Free Life Skills training for GenYDC students
- Personality shaping through Hand writing skill training, Reading, Study skills and Habit building
- Self-Belief
- Personality development
- Relationship management
- Thinking Skills
- Behaviour and Attitude
- Home Management
Health and Nutrition
- Social behaviour and sensitivity
- Financial Management
- Indian Culture and Values
- Cooking practicals

Customized Support Services/ Remedial Coaching

Introducing ACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICES CENTRE IN AUNDH. Students can happily develop skills like
-Improve personal behaviour and attitude towards studying
-Improve spellings, grammar and English language Improve fine motor skills
-And so much more Visit our centre for more details.
- Parenting workshop

- Teachers Sensitivity training
- 3A theory workshop
- Workshop on Transaction analysis
- Support Staff Training
- Consultation Services for NIOS setup (Franchise setup)
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Golden years we’ve passed!

Message for Parents

Dear Parents,

We all love our children, but the most important aspect of loving them is unconditional acceptance of the way they are and they would like to be, based on their interests and liking. Let’s accept that all the children may not be good at maths, science, languages and computers. Each child is cognitive in nature.


It is an academic support institution which supports the open schoolers and home schoolers who appear for the board exams 10th and 12th, and also appear through SSC (forms17). The center comprises experienced counsellors, trained remedial teachers, psychologists, expert subject teachers and behavioural trainers.

Our belief is “Every child is gifted”. So once he passes the board exam he or she can safely R

GenY DC was started with the sole intention to help children who may not have the aptitude for all the subjects taught in school (ex. Science, maths, languages). We realised that each child may not have the analytical ability for science and maths or creative ability for languages but he can choose the subjects of his liking and useful to his future career. We coach him to pass successfully through NIOS. We also provide free life skill classes to create the self belief and confidence which will last a long time for the kids/students to face any exams in the future.

We welcome all the students who can choose the NIOS board for different needs;

  • Regular students who excel in sports, creative arts and other talents.
  • Homeschoolers who want to complete their formal education from home (age 5-18).
  • Students with learning difficulties like ADHD, dysgraphia, dyslexia, etc.
  • Students who want to focus on competitive exams like IIT, NEET, NID and opt for NIOS 10th/12th to reduce the pressure of board studies.
  • Students who have no academic interest and are not interested in pursuing any formal studies.

At GenY we have our own screening processes, we focus on customised input for each child and emphasize on life skill classes which build up a strong sense of responsibility and belief which enables the child to discover his hidden talents and potential.

  • We provide free guidance through trained counselors.
  • Special remedial teaching for children with needs.
  • Career guidance to choose a career post 12th std.
  • Comfortable and healthy environment where children are not judged by marks but discipline and good habits.
  • Holistic growth in terms of academics, outdoor activities and practical learning.
  • All subjects offered by NIOS Board are taught at GenY.
  • Microlearning by continuous assessment, digital learning for all subjects.
  • Students from any state all over India can avail online classes and free online counselling.
  • Other than coaching, students can buy our test series
  • Take mock exams
  • Appear for pre exam prelims, practical exams
  • And also get their tutor marked assignments (TMAs) which need to be submitted to the NIOS board for the final examination.
  • Free counselling
  • We attribute our success to our teachers who go through sensitivity training and are skilled to handle students with empathy.
  • Parents undergo workshops so that the students get the right inputs at home.
  • Students are being observed and their behaviour is monitored for individual in-house counselling.

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