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Open Schooler to Life Topper

How can the NIOS Board change your child's life?


Harshali Murudkar

The book provides an insight into the academic challenges, faced by the children today and how the Nios Board can enable the students to succeed academically and build up the careers of their interests. It’s an endeavour to promote the advantages of the NIOS BOARD to maximum parents for the betterment of their children.

About our Mission-Gen Y Development Centre

  • We are very proud of our school, where Academics and learning human values, goes hand in hand
  • From 9yrs, we start with simplified, basic academics. Each child follows his Individual academic plan. Subjects like Computers, painting, Entrepreneurship and communication skills are compulsory for all.
  • We invite you to visit our school and gain a real sense of what we have to offer to your child Very strong relationships between students and teachers underpin the very positive school ethos.

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